Joining Sigma Phi Delta

Why Join?

Open to students with an Engineering or Computer Science background, Sigma Phi Delta attends to both the social and professional needs of Engineers. We are an organization that fosters Brotherhood, camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. We provide our members with a great support system for weathering the rigors of the engineering curriculum, a close bond of brotherhood that endures throughout the years beyond graduation, thousands of engineering alumni worldwide, strong leaders, and men of principle. With members heavily involved in the Engineering Undergraduate Society, their Department Clubs, Design Teams, and Ex-Officio Clubs, the men of Sigma Phi Delta comprise the most exclusive fraternity on any campus, a fraternity of engineers.

How do I join?

Interested in joining Sigma Phi Delta? The best way to check us out is to get in touch with us over social media or come out to one of our events or parties! For the first two to three weeks of class in September and January we throw Rush events almost daily, and once a term we throw our signature parties. If there isn’t anything planned in the immediate future just shoot us a message and we’ll get some brothers out to meet you and show you around! If you’re interested in getting in touch with us at the moment check out the contact info form at the bottom of this page and fire it off to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Time Commitment

Joining Sigma Phi Delta is a bit like taking another class. You'll be expected to come to our Wednesday meetings, learn about our fraternity’s history and values, and come help out with our events with the rest of the brothers. A large part of our process is meeting and befriending all the brothers, this is easy to do by carving a little time out of each week to hang out with a brother or two and any issues with time commitment will be evaluated charitably.


At Sigma Phi Delta, we put academics in high priority, we are an Engineering Fraternity after all! If you have a midterm during one of our meetings or are having a rough week, just let us know and we'll understand! We’ve all been through an Engineering course load and we likely have brothers who have been through the classes that are giving you a tough time, and we’re more than happy to help get you through a tough subject if you need it.


You’ve probably heard of Fraternities as financially exclusive organizations, in the order of $1000 or more in dues per term. Our chapter's dues are very reasonable at around $200-$300 a term, and we provide you with a detailed breakdown so that you get to see exactly where the money goes. In addition, you won’t pay a cent until you’re initiated, our pledge process is entirely free and we charge no fee for opting out if it isn’t for you.

Interested? Leave us your info here, or reach out to us below!