Joining Sigma Phi Delta

Why Join?

Open to students with an Engineering background, Sigma Phi Delta attends to both the social and professional needs of engineers. We are an organization that fosters Brotherhood, camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. The benefits of Sigma Phi Delta include: a great support system for weathering the rigors of the engineering curriculum, a close bond of brotherhood that endures throughout the years beyond graduation, thousands of engineering alumni worldwide, strong leaders and men of principle. Most of all, the men of Sigma Phi Delta comprise the most exclusive fraternity on any campus, a fraternity of engineers.

How do I join?

The best way to look into joining our fraternity is to come to some of our events during our rush period and hang out! Our usual rush period is in September at the start of the year.

Time Commitment

The average time commitment to join SPD can be likened to taking another class. You'll be expected to come to our Wednesday meetings, learn about parts of our fraternity every week, and come help out with our events. Since we'll be getting ready to welcome you as another brother, we also expect that you'll get to know every brother in the fraternity personally, an easy task if you take a bit of time every week to hang out.


At SPD, we put academics in high priority. If you have a midterm during one of our meetings or have an extra busy week, we'll understand! Everyone here has likely been through a lot of classes that you're taking, and we'll always be happy to help get you through a tough subject if you need it.


You may have heard about the expenses of joining a fraternity, in the order of $500 or more per term. However, our chapter's dues are very reasonable at around $150-$200 for the whole year, and you'll get to see exactly where the money goes. In addition, pledging SPD is completely free, there are only fees once you are initiated.