History of Sigma Phi Delta - Theta


Sigma Phi Delta was founded in southern California on April 11th, 1924 as a way for engineering students to get together. This is our official object:

"The object of the Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity shall be to promote the advancement of the Engineering Profession; to foster the advancement of Engineering Education; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Engineering students and organizations; to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of Virtuous manhood, good Citizenship, obedience to Law, and Brotherhood; and to encourage excellence in Scholarship."

If you'd like to find out more about 'National and the fraternity in general, you can follow this link.

Theta Chapter

Our chapter was founded in 1932, not long after the organization was founded. Our chapter remains one of two in Canada (the other is at UBCO), and we've been active at UBC for a long time. We've had the Haus since the 50's, so if you come out to visit, you're going to notice a lot of character!

The Chief

From 1963 all the way up until 1994 when she died, this chapter had a "house mother", or someone that would take care of the Haus and the people living in it. Her name was Mary Alice Gillespie, but they just called her The Chief. Since a single paragraph wouldn't do justice to how much she meant to this chapter and how much it meant to her, we have a large compilation of facts and anecdotes from former Haus members on this page to preserve her memory.