Events Hosted by Sigma Phi Delta

Monster Haus

October 28, 2022

Monster Haus

Our first term party – we take a break from our midterms in October by getting together and engaging in a college classic, the Halloween Party. There’s a dance floor downstairs with live DJs and music, karaoke, and more! Make sure to wear a costume for the best experience!

Green Slime

March 24, 2022

Green Slime

A Sigma Phi Delta tradition since the ’80s, we celebrate St. Patty’s day in style for our second big party of the year. Wear green, come blow off some steam at the Haus, and forget about all those midterms you just got the grades back for! This event happens around St. Patrick’s Day in March – check out our Facebook page for more details!

Pro Bono Professionis

Our annual professional development event, featuring guest speakers on topics that vary from year to year. Topics from previous years have included:

  • Networking 101
  • How to write a resume that stands out
  • Going to school abroad
  • What is grad school?
  • Transitioning in the workplace
  • Metrics and You

The phrase “Pro Bono Professionis” is Sigma Phi Delta’s motto, which means “for the good of the profession”. This event is designed to help students develop their professional lives, and is open to everyone.

Professional Event



Every year, Sigma Phi Delta participates in E-Week (also known as the best week of the year) with our sister sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon. We always go all-out in this inter-departmental competition, and usually do well despite our smaller numbers! One thing to watch out for is Opening Ceremonies, which SPD tends to be good at...

And more…

SPD also runs a number of other events during the year, including:

  • Blood drives
  • Resume-building workshops
  • Occasional BBQs on campus
  • Trivia nights
  • and of course, other social events and spontaneous get-togethers at the Haus!