Active Members


Adam "Butterfelt" Summerfelt

President, Slime Master
Chemical and Biological Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Hi there! My name is Adam and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. I’m in my fourth year of Chemical and Biological Engineering (emphasis on Biological) and doing a minor in Honors Math and Computer Science, but I’ve already had a long round about journey on my way to getting my degree involving stops at 3 different post secondary institutions and a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology. I enjoy playing board games, drinking craft beer, running, watching the Edmonton Oilers let me down again, and generally getting outside (while remaining socially distant). I’m also pretty involved in the Engineering community, having been the VP Academic of the EUS, a member at large of the PP (First Year) Council, and a team member on an automatic craft beer brewing contest. I'm also an active member of Engineers for a Sustainable World. Feel free to come say hi if you see me around!


Yohann "Hemorrhage" Rurange

Vice President
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
I’m currently in my first 4th year in GEO (Woo 6 year degree!) I recently was on co-op for 16 months, which gave me the opportunity to skip the year of online school. I am the Haus manager for SPD which keeps me busy maintaining our aging haus (Hey, its got a lot of character). You can generally find me watching what some people would call “bad drama shows” in the living room or playing videogames. I also enjoy skiing and rides on my motorcycle when the weather isn’t doing its typical Vancouver thing.


Liam "Horse-Boy" Hinderks

Secretary, Expansion Chair, Assistant Historian
Materials Engineering '25, Class of 2021
I'm Horse-Boy Hinderks, a Materials Engineering student. When not dealing with classes, you'll often find me dreaming about purchasing a $1675 telescope stand, and spend even more time complaining about the number of cloudy days. Swing by the haus if you want to know why a telescope stand is so expensive, or learn other astronomy/astrophotography facts.


Gage "Refill" Paskiewich

Co-Treasurer, EUS Rep, Co-Social Media Manager, Graphic Design
Geological Engineering '24, Class of 2019
Hello, my name is Gage and I am in my 3rd year of Geological Engineering at UBC. I’m from a small town in the Rockies, which is one of the main reasons I am interested in rocks. When I have free time I enjoy running, hiking, and skiing.


Cameron "Cocktail" Taylor

Co-Treasurer, Co-Social Media Manager
Manufacturing Engineering '24, Class of 2021
Hey! My name is Cameron, and I'm a 3rd year Manufacturing Engineering student from Nanaimo (on Van Island). I'm the president of the MANU Undergrad council, and enjoy volunteering for the EUS when I'm free. I'll hopefully be going on co-op as of this coming May for 16-months assuming someone actually wants to hire me. In my free time I like snowboarding, hiking, and gaming.


Zane "Pickles" Reilly

Co-Haus Manager, Risk Reduction, Co-Rush, E-Week Coordinator, AOE Rep
Materials Engineering '24, Class of 2020
Hi, my name is Zane (aka Lil' Zane) and I’m in my first year of Materials Engineering (second year at UBC). In my free time I like to play board games and trading card games. I’ll play just about any of them but I always find myself coming back to Magic the Gathering, and more recently Hearthstone. As the only member of SPD who is not yet 19 I am required to say that I am a good law abiding citizen who wouldn’t touch a drop of ethanol.


Kevin "Korean" Heieis

Co-Haus Manager, Pony Boy
Integrated Engineering '23, Class of 2020
Whats hip hop happening? Im Kevdog and I do too much. I practically live in the IGEN room and specialize in electro-mechanics. I love motorcycles, rugby, and homebrewing. HMU if you need help with program applications, if not I'll be napping.


Zane "Big Zane" Frantzen

Co-Social Coordinator, Chaplain
Computer Engineering '23, Class of 2020
Hey, I’m Zane! I’m a fourth-year CPEN student at UBC, currently taking time off to work. My hobbies include computers, engineering, and UBC. I also enjoy running, guitar, filmmaking, and working on innovative projects. In my years at UBC, I have been involved with a range of things like Supermileage, Engineering Without Borders, EUS, Geering Up / Outward Engineering, and other teams. So if you ever want to talk about any of the things I just mentioned, or really anything else, feel free to reach out!


Hod "Gummies" Kimhi

Co-Social Coordinator, Webmaster
Computer Engineering '25, Class of 2021
Heyo! I'm a computer engineering student. A random selection of my interests include (but is not limited to): Skiing, Rocket League, Robotics, and Ultimate Frisbee. I'm also the guy in charge of this website, so if anything is out of date it's probably my fault 😦 and I'd appreciate if you reached out to let me know! If you share any of these interests, come by the Haus sometime or shoot me a message, I'm active on discord or insta!


Jordan "Yumm Yumm" Mestrovic

Co-Rush, Assistant Historian, Co-Sports Director
Engineering '26, Class of 2021
Hey! My name is Jordan and I'm a 1st year Engineering student from Chilliwack. I enjoy hiking, woodworking, and collecting records. In my free time I'm either at haus or listening to music.


Kyden "Toker Face" Lemuel

Co-Rush, Co-Social Media Manager
Electrical Engineering '25, Class of 2022
Whats happening gang im toker face and I take the fattest tokes a toker can take. I like engineering because electricity be cool as hell and there be some smart baddies up in here fr fr.

John "Leggs" Sturgess

Exchange Chair
Civil Engineering '26, Class of 2021
2nd year Engineering student from Alberta. Likes to Ski, Bike and play anything made by Paradox. Member of Concrete Canoe Design Team.


Anav "Slugger" Chopra

Alumni Relations, New Membership Educator, Academic Chair, Guide
Electrical Engineering '23, Class of 2019
Hello and welcome! My name is Anav and I am currently working at Loop Energy as an Electrical Engineering Co-op, slated to graduate in 2023 (screw you COVID). Originally from India, I moved to Vancouver in 2017 for university and have been very happy with that decision. Currently the Co-Propaganda officer at SPD, my fatal flaw is that I cannot focus on one thing for long periods of time with my current obsession being operating systems and hardware security. If you ever want to chat about any of these or ‘trusting the natural recursion’ I’d be happy to tell you how much I hate that phrase and how bootstrapping makes me want to pull my hair out. But on a lighter note, I enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music, you’ll often find me blasting various Spotify playlists in the Champagne Room at Haus.


Christian "Jeeves" Kyle

Geological Engineering '24, Class of 2018
My name is Christian Kyle, but it’d be weird if you called me anything other than CK. I'm a 4th Year Geological Engineer so hit me up if you're down to talk rocks. My hobbies include looking into UBC Engineering history, drinking, watching terrible movies, drinking, playing sports, drinking, discovering new and obscure music, and drinking. For reasons I haven't quite figured out yet (probably nothing better to do) I’ve found myself having sold my soul to the EUS, becoming the current President which puts me in charge of all the degeneracy the UBC Engineers are known for so let me know if you have a good idea for an Eng prank or want your ear talked off about random EUS garbage. If you're interested in ΣΦΔ, the EUS, or just wanna hang feel free to reach out!


Cameron "Oog" Fletcher

Electrical Engineering '25, Class of 2021
Yo! My name is Cameron and I’m in my third year of Electrical Engineering, studying the Biomedical Option. Besides school, I enjoy hiking, browsing Wikipedia, eating boxed mac and cheese, and discovering new music ranging anywhere from J-pop to lute concertos. If any of these things interest you, or if you just want to send me a meme, feel free to message me! My Discord is Cameron#7011.


Diego "Speedy" Altamirano

Mechanical Engineering '25, Class of 2021
Hey, my name's Diego, and I'm a 2nd year Mech. I've lived in North Vancouver a long time and think mountains are the peak of fulfillment. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, driving, and music. My favourite genres are punk rock and jazz, but I'm always open to recommendations. When I'm not in class, you can probably find me in the ESC, the VOC clubroom, or Haus. If you see me, feel free to say hi, share some cool hikes or songs, or just hang around, it'll be a good time.


Jai "Snorlax" Somaiya

Chemical and Biological Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Hey there! I'm Jai, a third year in Chemical Engineering from Calgary. I spend my time leading the mechatronics team on UBC Baja, making robots on Thunderbots, and modding headphones. I also do Piping Engineering at some Calgary oil company in my free time, and build 3D printers and stuff. Bribe me with a Gin and Tonic and maybe I'll make you something!


Thomas "Coinslot" Follett

Assistant Treasurer
Integrated Engineering '25, Class of 2022
Hi! I'm Thomas, a second year IGEN specializing in Mech and Materials. I like reading books, making knives and learning different manufacturing skills like welding. I'm currently the cairn manager and co-inventory manager of the EUS. Come by Haus and say hi!


Douglas "Paste" Hoyer

Sports Director
Mining Engineering '25, Class of 2021
Hey! My name's Douglas and I'm from Calgary but have lived in the UK for most of my life. I'm the current Sports Rep who doesn't do enough sports, so let me know if you want to play a game or watch a match anytime. Interests are currently coffee, rugby, gaming and just about any type of music except country.


Grayson "Once-ler" MacGillivray

Assistant Social Coordinator
Geological Engineering '25, Class of 2022
Hi there! My name is little Adam and I'm from little Edmonton, little Alberta. I’m in my little fourth year of little Chemical and little Biological Engineering (emphasis on little) and doing a little minor in Honors little Math and little Computer Science, but I’ve already had a little journey on my way to getting my little degree involving little stops at 3 different little post secondary institutions and a little diploma in little Electronics Engineering Technology. I enjoy playing little board games, drinking little craft beer, running, watching the little Edmonton Oilers let little old me down again, and generally getting outside. I’m also pretty involved in the little Engineering community, having been the VP Little of the LEUS, a member at little of the smolPeePee (First Year) Council, and a team member on a little contest. I'm also an little member of Engineers for a Small World (After All). Feel free to come say hi if you see me down there!


Dane "Tapeworm" Campbell

Member at Large
Mining Engineering '24, Class of 2018
Howdy! I've worked 20 months of mining Co-Op, which is longer then the 18 months I've spent studying at UBC! I design blasting operations to prevent the spread of rocky mountain bighorn sheep and usually can be found either making oatmeal or hiking in the alpine wilderness.


Clive "Rodrigo" Indrawan

Member at Large
Chemical and Biological Engineering '22, Class of 2019
Hey! My name is Rodrigo and I'm a 4th year CHBE who is currently trying to get into the software world with my CPSC minor. Unlike the other members, I'm not involved with the EUS. If you see me around, hit me up and we can shoot some hoops, play card games, or go snowboarding!


Clement "Jaws" Hii

Member at Large
Integrated Engineering '24, Class of 2020
Hey! My name's Clement and I'm a 3rd year IGEN. I love listening to and playing music (quite an excessive amount), in addition to my coffee hobby. Ask me about my DIY guitar project, favourite albums and genres, perfect pitch, favourite coffee shops, and latte art progress as a barista! o̶h̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶e̶n̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶j̶a̶w̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶h̶i̶l̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶


Ronald "Epi-pen" Mo

Member at Large
Chemical and Biological Engineering '24, Class of 2020
My names Ronald, call me Ron, Mo or whatever you can think of. I’m into sharp pointy things made of metal, namely classical and medieval history and folding knives, as well as the history associated with the former. I should have gone into history you say? Ha! Well… if it weren't for Grand Blue I might very well have.


Oliver "Toaster" South

Member at Large
Mechanical Engineering '22, Class of 2018
I'm a 5th year student in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics. I'm the President of UBC CAPACity, UBC's Urban Planning club. In my spare time I'm a DJ and I enjoy cooking, camping and listening to podcasts.


Jason "Sober Jordan" Shi

Member at Large
Mining Engineering '24, Class of 2021
Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi. Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi (I AM SPEED) Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi. Jason. JASON SHI. Jason Shi Jason Shi Jason Shi!


Oscar "Zoomer" LaRusic

Member at Large
Engineering '25, Class of 2021
Zoom zoom brother! I am zoomer and I like to vape. Sometimes I partake in the pipeweeds as well. Zoom zoom. Zooooom zoooooooooom zoooooooooooooooooooom


Vincent "FREE BOOZE!!!!" Sastra

Member at Large
Computer Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Hey, I am Vincent! I am in second year CPEN. I am from Indonesia. I bring to vancouver my accent and my love for asian food. I love playing games like DOTA2. I love talking about economics in my free time. Also, you wouldn’t think I love cooking videos when you try my homemade food.


Matt "No Shirt Matt" Kaune

Member at Large
Engineering '25, Class of 2022
My name is matt and you'll never catch me in a shirt.


Brandon "Gnomeo" Duong

Member at Large
Mechanical Engineering '25, Class of 2022
Ho ho ho ha ha 😂🤣😂, ho ho ho he ha🤣🤣. Hello there😃👋, old chum👴👵. I’m 🙅‍♀️ g'not 🙅‍♀️a g'nelf🧝👎. I’m 🙅‍♀️g'not🙅‍♀️ a g'noblin👺👎👺. I’m a g'nome🎅😁!! And you’ve been, GNOOOMED🎅🤣😂😂🤣🤣!!!


Chris "Bucket" Griffiths

Member at Large
Engineering Physics '25, Class of 2022
Hello! My name is Chris and I’m a 3rd year engineering physics student from the island. I grew up playing multiple sports and playing musical instruments but now I just do school work, procrastinate school work, climb rocks, listen to some music and have some other fun from time to time.


Mayank "Nutcase" Gupta

Member at Large
Integrated Engineering '25, Class of 2022
Hey, my name's Mayank and I just got out of the mental institute. Gee golly, I love nuts, of any kind. I love peanuts, cashew nuts, peenuts, deez nuts, coconuts, almonds, whatever. Put em in a spread, in a salad, in some trail mix, and most definitely in my mouth.


George "Dora" Han

Member at Large
Engineering '26, Class of 2022
(literally put anything here I can't think of anything good)


Aleksander "Remmy" Kim

Member at Large
Dual Degree Arts & Engineering '27, Class of 2022
Hey, my name is Aleks. I am currently pursuing BA+BASc Dual Degree. I am majoring in Statistics and History in my BA degree and currently undeclared for BASc. One of the Academic Advisors told me that I’m doing some sort of mega degree haha. Besides school, I like going on a hike with my friends, skiing, and other outdoor activities. I play lacrosse  competitively and I really like it ! I’m the one who wrote Ubyssey article about our lovely ratRemy that showed up in Open Kitchen last year :)