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Nigel "Token" Myers

Mechanical Engineering '18
Princess Myers is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and often plays a damsel in destress. In 2007, Myers landed on Forbes Magazine's Wealthiest Princesses list with a fortune of upwards of $1 billion.


Ryan "Morty" Rickaby

Vice President
Chemical Engineering '19
My name is Morty Smith of dimension C-137. I am 14 years old and attend Harry Herpson High School under the direction of Principal Vagina, no relation. I am a lacklustre student studying 3rd year chemical engineering, although I am terrible at math and in reality are as dumb as they come. I am mainly known for my relationship with my grandpa, and only friend, Rick and the rip-roaring adventures we go on through dream worlds, parallel universes, multi-dimensions, as well as Microverses, Miniverses, and Teenyverses. Although I told Scroopy Noopers that I'm an idiot and have been seen to have deep-set repressed anger issues, I do have some redeeming qualities. My swift thinking defeated Gonnorhea inside Anatomy park, and I tricked and killed the telepathic Fart with an antimatter gun. While inside the Teenyverse, I found the Tree People, was accepted into their group, learned their language and culture, and worked my way up the ranks until I commanded them, all within a few months. I recently moved to another dimension as a result of Rick mistakenly turning all of C-137, including the rest of my family, into Cronenbergs. In my spare time, I enjoy daydreaming about fellow math classmate Jessica, alone in my room.


Graham "Dry Bones" Whyte

Electrical Engineering '19
I am an electrical engineering student born and raised in North Vancouver, BC. I love playing bass, guitar, piano, and telling myself I can sing. I also enjoy video games and movies and books and … I dunno, lots of things. Come say hi anytime!


Jonathan "Ginganinja" Harris

Membership Educator
Computer Engineering '18
I was born in Ireland but now live in the Yukon. I am in 5th year Computer Engineering. I enjoy parkour and climbing in my spare time.


Justin "G" Lane

Computer Engineering '19
Born in a tiny hippie commune known as Quadra Island, I grew up in the harsh wilderness of mid-BC. I'm a professional Chef and video game enthusiast who digs technology on a sometimes uncomfortable level. In my spare time I can be found around the Cheeze or watching anime at 5AM in the Haus with my bros.


Masaki "Brojob" Hiratsuka

Social Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering '18
Konnichiha everyone. My name is Masaki and as you can see I am a sneaky Japanese. My background is half Japanese and half Hong-Kongese. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Hong Kong and Tokyo. I ended up in Ontario for learning English when I was in grade 10 and now I am here! I am glad to come to UBC and become part of SPD. We have fun weekly basis so come and chill with us!


Mark "Tricycle" McLellan

Rush Chairman
Mining Engineering '18
Hailing from the village of Kelowna, I moved to Vancouver in 2011 and never returned (except for Christmas and long weekends). I enjoy playing Smash 64, wearing shorts, and long walks on the beach (bring a tent).


Corwin "Porridge" Shanner

Computer Engineering '19
I grew up in the small town of Summerland, BC before coming to UBC. I tend to take a lot of volunteer positions for everything I'm involved in, 2 for Sigma Phi Delta and 4 for the Engineering undergraduate society, so probably too much, but I'll survive. I'm always down to do something active, like mountain biking, skiing, running, swimming, etc.


Jarod "Pinocchio" Ben-Oliel

Haus Manager
Electrical Engineering '18
Oh! Sorry, didn't notice you reading my bio. What's that you say? "The Haus is burning down behind me? Ah! How typical. Don't worry about it, only fourth time this week. My name is Jarod Ben-Oliel, fourth year electrical student on Co-op and resident Haus Manager. When I'm not busy keeping the Haus standing - What's that? Come again? Yes, I know it's burning. I said, "keep standing," not, "keep non-flammable." Anyways… When I'm not busy with school and work, I explore music on my piano, watch shows on Netflix, and spend time playing games to catch up with friends and family both near and afar. If you have any Haus related concerns or questions, come ask me. Otherwise I'm always happy to meet a new face. Take care and have a nice day!


Jake "Cable" MacDonald

Publicity Representative
Mining Engineering '19
I'm in my 3rd year of Mining Engineering I'm the Social Media "Expert" in charge of our Facebook page. More importantly, I brew beer for the brotherhood. I'm fairly active in both the EUS and Mining communities, holding various volunteer positions within both organizations. I can be found sleeping through my 8 am classes, or hanging out in the ESC, where I should be studying but am usually passed out on one of the bean bag chairs (10/10 would recommend). When awake, I can be found browsing memes or watching the first Leafs game of every NHL season while saying, "Boys, I think this is our year. I got a good feeling."


Xingyu "Crunchie" Tao

Academic Representative
Computer Engineering '18
4th year Computer Engineering, Nobel Prize Laureate, Billionaire Philanthropist. My favourite film is Children of Men, I love losing my glasses, and definitely put your fancy sound equipment far away from me. I live in the Library (one of the rooms in the Haus) and you can usually find me lounging about the Haus or in the Shed.


Alan "Semi" Ehrenholz

Active Member
Civil Engineering '19
I am currently serving as your Alma Mater Society (AMS) President, and I have previously served as Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) President, VP Student Life, and First Year President. As AMS President, I work to improve the quality of the educational, social, and personal lives of the students of UBC (including you!). If you would like to chat (over a coffee or beer) about my experiences at UBC, how to get involved, or whatever else, email me at; I would be happy to chat!


Alexander "Fez" Tegjeu

Electrical Engineering '19
Hailing from halfway around the world from Malaysia, you can probably tell how I got my nickname. My interests involve gaming, reading, scuba diving and not being a FOB.


Benjamin "Iceman" Lawrence

Active Member
Geological Engineering '21
Born in the UK, I have lived in the small town of Morinville, Alberta since 2010. My love of hiking in the Rockies, exploring the outdoors, and rocks in general led me to join Geological Engineering at UBC. I love to run and swim in my spare time, while playing games and having controversial discussions or debates.


Callum "Fallout" Barr

Active Member
Geological Engineering '21
I am a second year Geological Eng student who often remembers I've already found the meaning of life and lose all motivation to work. Hit me up for some badass pancakes or to lose in FIFA. I'm also the most likely person in the frat to hug you if you're sad.


Eric "Zombie" Easthope

Active Member
Mathematics '19
Math undergraduate and freelance code junkie. I like progressive metal and physics.


Joseph "Scurvy" Gustafson

Active Member
Computer Engineering '19
My name is Joseph and I like hucking cliffs, sailing fast and doing engineering things. I was born and raised on the West Coast Best Coast and am always in need of a good adventure.


Julian "Chernobyl" Roemer

Active Member
Chemical Engineering '19
Speaking hick and laying brick since 1885. I like trains. Humanity is weak. Long live toaster the spaceman. Raining down like cats and herpes. Join the dark side, we have fragile narcissists. Oh and going into 4th year chem eng.


Karm "Welches" Poonian

Active Member
Civil Engineering '18
Born and raised in Kelowna BC, and currently in my 2nd year of civil engineering. In my spare time I enjoy down hill skiing, surfing and dirt biking.


Matthew "Bengal Tiger" Barclay

Active Member
Mathematics '20
Initially discovered in the woods of Gambier Island, the Bengal Tiger is still found in the wild today. After being observed going on an unexpected migration, it has returned to its natural habitat, where sightings happen many times weekly.


Mo "DK" Kiani

Active Member
Computer Engineering '18
Born in 1981, DK began life facing off against Mario, but their relationship has only improved since. He now spends his time hanging out with the rest of the Kong clan.


Naman "Beef Card" Shah

Active Member
Mining Engineering '18
I am in my 4th year of Mining Engineering and currently on a co-op at Canadian Natural. I was born and raised in Mumbai and came to Vancouver for university. I appreciate both places and cultures and consider myself fortunate for all the good times I have had. I am interested in everything non-fiction and am passionate about soccer and squash. I am looking forward to a year of learning and exploring chill spots around BC and Alberta.


Patrick "Granger" MacBeath

Active Member
Electrical Engineering '18
Originally from Calgary, I grew up in Kuwait before coming to UBC. I'm in 4th Year Electrical Engineering and love to spend my free time outside, enjoying nature. I also enjoy videogames and a good book.


Scott "Ragdoll" Pidzarko

Active Member
Computer Engineering '18
I am a fifth year Computer Engineering student born and raised right here in Vancouver. I have been involved on campus my whole degree, as part of the EUS, Sigma Phi Delta, and UBC Rapid (a student team focusing on 3D printing). As a longtime EUS volunteer I have served the EUS in many ways, from a First Year Council member to and executive as VP Administration in 2015-16. You can find me either at the Haus, CiTR, where I work, or the ESC.


Yury "Chuckles/Tubby" Viachaslavovich Zhuk

Member at 'Large'
Statistics '20
Everything I do is just a stepping stone towards buying my yacht.
AI is cool and I'm lowkey obsessed with the singularity, that's part of the reason why I'm going into data science. I can't think of a way to describe myself because everything changes so quickly!