Active Members


Graham "Dry Bones" Whyte

President, Beer God
Electrical Engineering '19, Class of 2016
Hi! My name is Graham and I'm in my final year of electrical engineering, although I'm more interested in software these days. I can be found playing bass at EUS parties or in my band Good Goodness, and enjoy hiking and bouldering in my free time. I also volunteer with the EUS and an active member of Thunderbots. Hope to see you at the Haus in September!


Justin "Waffles" Fuhr

Vice President
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
Hey Guys! My name is Justin and I am in my 3rd year of Geological Engineering. I like anything that involves rocks, water, or dirt, and can be seen around the Haus admiring such things with the other geo-minded brothers. When I manage to find the time, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, sailing, and snowboarding. In addition to my duties as the fraternal VP, I am also the E-Week Director for GeoRox and occasionally find myself helping the EUS. Even if you don’t think geology is the Schist, it’s always Gneiss to see new Facies around the Haus, so come on down and lets talk about rocks!


Justin "Fox" Fox

New Membership Educator
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
Hello, I'm Justin. I am in 4th year Geological Engineering at UBC. I am coming back to school after a year off for Co-op. I was in the East Kootenays working for Teck Resources Ltd. I am an undergraduate teaching assistant with Math and Earth Science Department, I have worked as a math and physics tutor in that past and am alawys happy to help a struggling student with their studies. I grew up in Surrey and lived there during my first year at UBC. Moving into the Haus has shortened my commute from an hour and a half to ten minutes. Living in a house of buddies is a lot of fun and I wouldn't trade for anything.


Yohann "Hemorrhage" Rurange

Haus Manager
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
I’m in 3rd year GEO and also the Haus Manager so I actively make sure that our haus doesn’t burn down. I like to spend my spare time playing video games or having adventures on my motorcycle.


Oliver South

Social Coordinator, Paraphenalia
Mechanical Engineering '21, Class of 2018
I'm a third year student in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics. I'm Red Sales Director with the EUS, Aircraft Lead at UBC UAS and SPD Soco. In my spare time I love cooking and listening to podcasts.


Jai Somaiya

Chemical Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Hey there! I'm Jai, a second year in Chemical Engineering from Calgary. I spend my time on the Mechatronics team on UBC Baja and modding headphones. I also model and 3D print the stupidest things I can think of, so if you have an idea hit me up.


Nigel "Token" Myers

Treasurer, Guide
Mechanical Engineering '20, Class of 2010
Princess Myers is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and often plays a damsel in destress. In 2007, Myers landed on Forbes Magazine's Wealthiest Princesses list with a fortune of upwards of $1 billion.


Christian "Jeeves" Kyle

Rush Chair, Publicity
Engineering (Undeclared) '23, Class of 2018
My name is Christian but basically everyone calls me CK. I'm in my first year of Geological Engineering (2nd Year at UBC), and have absolutely no clue what I plan on doing after graduation. My hobbies include playing the trombone, drinking 'tonic water', watching terrible movies, playing soccer and rugby, and discovering new obscure music. Over my year and a bit at UBC I've managed to get heavily involved in the EUS, managing many of the PP E-Week teams, volunteering for events, and being appointed Caroling director for this year. If you see a 6'7 guy around the ESC or the Haus come say hi!


Dane "Where's Daaane" Campbell

Rush Assistant, ΑΩΕ Representative
Mining Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Dane Highbeam of the House Thumper, the First of His Name, King of the Pickups, the Innocent and the First Years, Sir of the Seven Departments and Protector of the Realm, Sir of Orchard, King of PP, Khal of the Main Mall, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains and Father of Dragons.


Vincent "Free Booze" Sastra

Member at Large
Computer Engineering '23, Class of 2018
Hey, I am Vincent! I am in second year CPEN. I am from Indonesia. I bring to vancouver my accent and my love for asian food. I love playing games like DOTA2. I love talking about economics in my free time. Also, you wouldn’t think I love cooking videos when you try my homemade food.


Adam "Butterfelt" Summerfelt

EUS Representative, Beer God
Chemical and Biological Engineering '21, Class of 2018
Hi there! My name is Adam and its possible you’ve seen me around campus already as this year I’m the VP Academic of the EUS. I’m in my third year of Chemical and Biological Engineering, but I’ve already had a long round about journey on my way to getting my degree involving stops at 3 different post secondary institutions. I enjoy board games, craft beer, running, and yoga. I’m also an active member of Engineers for a Sustainable World. Feel free to come say hi if you see me around!


Corwin "Porridge" Shanner

Computer Engineering '20, Class of 2014
Hi, I'm Corwin! I'm currently in my last semester at UBC after a long run of getting involved in too many things. Ask me about getting involved in the EUS, staying active during school, leadership opportunities, computer engineering, co-op, time management and organisation, or pretty much anything else university-related.


Jiayi Tang

Academic Representative, Publicity, Photography, Webmaster
Engineering Physics '21, Class of 2018
I am a third-year ENPH student currently taking a year off of school. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, biking, and intramurals volleyball. Ask me for something fascinating I recently read on the New York Times.


Yash "Permafried" Adnani

Member at Large
Materials Engineering '21, Class of 2017
I am in my 4th year at this fair school. I like to talk to people and I think maintaining really long conversations with complete strangers is fun. Come talk to me and I'll guarantee your grievances will be heard.


Callum "Fallout" Barr

Member at Large
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2016
I am a third year Geological Eng student who often remembers I've already found the meaning of life and lose all motivation to work. Hit me up for some badass pancakes or to lose in FIFA. I'm also the most likely person in the frat to hug you if you're sad.


Benjamin "Iceman" Lawrence

Member at Large
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2016
Born in the UK, I have lived in the small town of Morinville, Alberta since 2010. My love of hiking in the rockies, exploring the outdoors, and rocks in general led me to join Geological Engineering at UBC. I love to run and swim in my spare time, while playing games and having controversial discussions or debates.