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Ryan "Morty" Rickaby

Chemical and Biological Engineering '19, Class of 2014
Hi all! My name is Ryan, but most of my friends call me Morty. I am in my final year of chemical engineering at UBC and hoping to work in fuel cell technology or environmental consulting. I am very passionate about doing many things outside of school! I am very into long distance running as well as many other hip Vancouver sports like bouldering, biking, yoga, ultimate, and drinking craft beer. In my years at UBC I have got involved in various engineering groups outside of Sigma Phi Delta, such as: Godiva Band, Engineers for a Sustainable World, and various Engineering Undergraduate Society roles.


Jake "Cable" MacDonald

Vice President, Paraphernalia
Mining Engineering '19, Class of 2015
I have recently returned from the bush to finish my 4th year of Mining Engineering. Now that I am back to civilization, I am very excited to assist Ryan with running the chapter as this year's VP. In my spare time, you can find me sinking in mud, falling down at the curling club, getting roasted by the guys in my fantasy hockey league, or cracking open a cold one with the boys. Disclaimer: will get drunk and send unsolicited dog-pics


Justin "Waffles" Fuhr

Secretary, AOESPD Liaison
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
Justin is excited to go into Geological Engineering. He looks forward to building his own rock collection and he aims to be able to distinguish the age of rocks by their unique tastes.


Alexander "Fez" Tegjeu

Membership Educator, Illustrious Fezident
Electrical Engineering '19, Class of 2013
Hailing from halfway around the world from Malaysia, you can probably tell how I got my nickname. I belong to the department of Electrical Engineering but I am sometimes allowed to roam around the philosophy department as I attempt to complete my minor. I enjoy gaming, hanging out and general discourse. Philosopical dialectics are slowly becoming a hobby of mine, if you ever find yourself in the mood to engage in such a dialectic, feel free to establish contact.


Yohann "Hemorrhage" Rurange

Co-Rush Chair, Propaganda Minister
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2017
Yohann is a passionate 2nd year Geological Eng Student. Ask him for advice on how to achieve the perfect work-life balance as an incomming first year.


Christian "Jeeves" Kyle

Co-Rush Chair
PP, Class of 2018
Christian is a first year lad that loves first year. He will beat you in smash, if you dare to challenge him.


Jarod "Pinocchio" Ben-Oliel

Haus Manager
Electrical Engineering '19, Class of 2013
Hello! I am an electrical engineering student in my final year at UBC and I am the chapter's Haus Manager. As Haus Manager I work to keep the Haus is ordered, clean and functional throughout the year. In my spare time I enjoy watching shows like Dark Matter, reading books like Game of Thrones and playing piano. Come visit and find me for any Haus related questions, you are always welcome.


Dane "Where is Dane" Campbell

Active Member
PP, Class of 2018
Dane Highbeam of the House Thumper, the First of His Name, King of the Pickups, the Innocent and the First Years, Sir of the Seven Departments and Protector of the Realm, Sir of Orchard, King of PP, Khal of the Main Mall, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains and Father of Dragons.


Vincent "Free Booze" Sastra

Active Member
PP, Class of 2018
Vincent is a diligent student and a diligent partier. He can always use a smoke break, and not having a smoke break can almost break him.


Jai Somaiya

Active Member
PP, Class of 2018
Helloooo Cow Town! Jai comes from the illustrious city of Calgary, Alberta.


Oliver South

Active Member
Mechanical Engineering '21, Class of 2018
Oliver South, the supreme leader of Red Sales. He's making a list, he's checking it twice, and he's making sure you get your Red on time.


Adam "Butterfelt" Summerfelt

Active Member
Chemical and Biological Engineering '21, Class of 2018
Officially known as Butterfelt, he hails from the fair city of Edmonton. Adam is wise beyond his years, and one of the rare group of people who have seen it with twice the charm.


Jiayi Tang

Active Member
Engineering Physics '21, Class of 2018
I am a second-year ENPH student currently on co-op in Richmond. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, biking, and intramurals volleyball. Ask me for something fascinating I recently read on the New York Times.


Yash "Permafried" Adnani

On loan to student team, Foreign Film Critic
Materials Engineering '21, Class of 2017
I am in my 3rd year at this fair school. I like to talk to people and I think maintaining really long conversations with complete strangers is fun. Come talk to me and I'll guarantee your grievances will be heard.


Justin Fox

Active Member
Geological Engineering '20, Class of 2017
Greetings fellow people. I am Justin, and I am away on co-op right now, though you may see me around the Haus sometimes. I am okay at smash, and other games like that. When I am in school, I also tutor people sometimes. Ask me about rocks and stuff!


Callum "Fallout" Barr

Active Member
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2016
I am a second year Geological Eng student who often remembers I've already found the meaning of life and lose all motivation to work. Hit me up for some badass pancakes or to lose in FIFA. I'm also the most likely person in the frat to hug you if you're sad.


Benjamin "Iceman" Lawrence

Active Member
Geological Engineering '21, Class of 2016
Born in the UK, I have lived in the small town of Morinville, Alberta since 2010. My love of hiking in the Rockies, exploring the outdoors, and rocks in general led me to join Geological Engineering at UBC. I love to run and swim in my spare time, while playing games and having controversial discussions or debates.


Graham "Dry Bones" Whyte

Social Co-ordinator
Electrical Engineering '19, Class of 2016
I'm a fourth year electrical engineering student at UBC and am currently the SPD social coordinator. In my free time, you can find me playing bass, guitar, attempting to play the violin, and of course, drinking beer. Come to the haus to talk to me about music or circuits!


Julian "Chernobyl" Roemer

Active Member
Chemical and Biological Engineering '19, Class of 2015
Oh hey. I'm Chernobyl. Like the city but more radiant. You can generally find me in any and/or all of the situations: drinking beer, playing music, nerding out over Star Wars (but, like, the original good EU Star Wars, not the dirty Disney version), or hanging around the ESC and poking fun at my superiors. And before you ask, yes, I am always down for strip karaoke.


Eric "Zombie" Easthope

Active Member
Mathematics '19, Class of 2014
Math undergraduate and freelance code junkie. I like progressive metal and physics.


Corwin "Porridge" Shanner

EUS Liaison
Computer Engineering '19 Class of 2014
Hi, I'm Corwin! You'll probably see my face around campus a lot, as I'm pretty involved in a number of different things at UBC. I'm currently VP Spirit for the Engineering Undergraduate Society, and am in a few rec sports and other things on campus. I'm always down to do something active, like mountain biking, skiing, running, swimming, Ultimate, or almost anything else.


Xingyu "Crunchie" Tao

Webmaster, Co-Academic Representative
Computer Engineering '19, Class of 2014
Come talk to me about CPEN, Co-op, internships, graduation, job hunting, and any other questions involving building your academic or industry experience. I live in the Hotbox and you can usually find me hanging out around the Haus or the Shed.


Alan "Semi" Ehrenholz

Active Member
Civil Engineering '19, Class of 2013
Now entering my 6th (and final!) year of school, I have had a lot of time to be involved on campus. I have served as both your AMS and EUS president during my degree, but I have moved on to other pursuits. Currently training as a rower with the Vancouver Rowing Club, and beginning to train for next year's triathlon season, come find me hanging around the Cheeze, where we can chat about sports, school, or getting involved in campus.


Mo "DK" Kiani

Active Member
Computer Engineering '18, Class of 2013
Born in 1981, DK began life facing off against Mario, but their relationship has only improved since. He now spends his time hanging out with the rest of the Kong clan.


Justin "G" Lane

Active Member
Computer Engineering '19, Class of 2011
Born in a tiny hippie commune known as Quadra Island, I grew up in the harsh wilderness of mid-BC. I'm a professional Chef and video game enthusiast who digs technology on a sometimes uncomfortable level. In my spare time I can be found around the Cheeze or watching anime at 5AM in the Haus with my bros.


Nigel "Token" Myers

Treasurer, Co-Academic Representative
Mechanical Engineering '19, Class of 2010
Princess Myers is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and often plays a damsel in destress. In 2007, Myers landed on Forbes Magazine's Wealthiest Princesses list with a fortune of upwards of $1 billion.

Recent Alumni


Matthew "Bengal Tiger" Barclay

Mathematics '20
Initially discovered in the woods of Gambier Island, the Bengal Tiger is still found in the wild today. After being observed going on an unexpected migration, it returned for but a while, only to have left once again. Sightings are fleeting and may happen only once a season.


Harmit "... Your Mom" Mehta

Geological Engineering '18
Recent graduate from Geological Engineering. Enjoy playing soccer, climbing, and volleyball. Beer and Scotch enthusiasts.


Misha "Shamoo" Rudominski

European Engineering
I'm Misha, and I can hold as much liquid as a orca whale. If you're a first year, you can see my first year boat race jersey proudly hung up in the ESC first year room. I am currently back in Europe, doing a lot of cool engineering stuff, in Europe.


Masaki "Brojob" Hiratsuka

Mechanical Engineering '18
Konnichiha everyone. My name is Masaki and as you can see I am a sneaky Japanese. My background is half Japanese and half Hong-Kongese. I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Hong Kong and Tokyo. I ended up in Ontario for learning English when I was in grade 10 and now I am here! I am glad to come to UBC and become part of SPD. We have fun weekly basis so come and chill with us!


Mark "Tricycle" McLellan

Mining Engineering '18
Hailing from the village of Kelowna, I moved to Vancouver in 2011 and never returned (except for Christmas and long weekends). I enjoy playing Smash 64, wearing shorts, and long walks on the beach (bring a tent).


Patrick "Granger" MacBeath

Electrical Engineering '18
Originally from Calgary, I grew up in Kuwait before coming to UBC. I'm in 4th Year Electrical Engineering and love to spend my free time outside, enjoying nature. I also enjoy videogames and a good book.


Jonathan "Ginganinja" Harris

Computer Engineering '18
I was born in Ireland but now live in the Yukon. I am in 5th year Computer Engineering. I enjoy parkour and climbing in my spare time.


Scott "Ragdoll" Pidzarko

Computer Engineering '18
I am a fifth year Computer Engineering student born and raised right here in Vancouver. I have been involved on campus my whole degree, as part of the EUS, Sigma Phi Delta, and UBC Rapid (a student team focusing on 3D printing). As a longtime EUS volunteer I have served the EUS in many ways, from a First Year Council member to and executive as VP Administration in 2015-16. You can find me either at the Haus, CiTR, where I work, or the ESC.


Karm "Welches" Poonian

Civil Engineering '18
Born and raised in Kelowna BC, and currently in my 2nd year of civil engineering. In my spare time I enjoy down hill skiing, surfing and dirt biking.


Joseph "Scurvy" Gustafson

Integrated Engineering '19
My name is Joseph and I like hucking cliffs, sailing fast and doing engineering things. I was born and raised on the West Coast Best Coast and am always in need of a good adventure.


Naman "Beef Card" Shah

Mining Engineering '18
I am in my 4th year of Mining Engineering and currently on a co-op at Canadian Natural. I was born and raised in Mumbai and came to Vancouver for university. I appreciate both places and cultures and consider myself fortunate for all the good times I have had. I am interested in everything non-fiction and am passionate about soccer and squash. I am looking forward to a year of learning and exploring chill spots around BC and Alberta.


Yury "Chuckles" Zhuk

Statistics '20
Everything I do is just a stepping stone towards buying my yacht.
AI is cool and I'm lowkey obsessed with the singularity, that's part of the reason why I'm going into data science. I can't think of a way to describe myself because everything changes so quickly!